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Welcome to the family!

Rogue Rhino Garden Club welcomes you to the future of local food! We are creating a movement that is imperative to the health and happiness of our communities and our planet. You are now a part of our family, and YOU are the heart and soul of what we do!

Learn how to slow down, nurture the earth, grow your own food, harvest your garden and prepare delicious meals right at home. Learn how to save money, eat healthier and make better decisions about the way you eat. Teach your children and your neighbors the importance of making ethical choices and using your voice to create and support a healthier, locally grown food system.

As a Member, you will get exclusive access to educational classes, hands-on workshops, gardening demonstrations and more. You will be able to participate in private cooking classes with local chefs, learn how to properly can and preserve vegetables and fruits, attend meal prep classes that will open your life to the benefits of gardening growing your own food, eating fresh, nutrient dense, pesticide free produce. You will learn how to nurture the Earth and make better choices that impact your health and the vital flow of life in nature.

Exciting Member Benefits

Members get exclusive ability to order Rogue Rhino FarmBoxes, purchase first pick produce, attend classes, participate in workshops and special events.

Members only access to our Community Food Education Series which will include teaching you how to grow, eat, harvest and prepare fresh food. We will also teach you how to feed and nurture the earth by sharing our knowledge of regenerative gardening, composting and preserving without the use of pesticides.

Members will receive hands on education about humanely raising happy chickens, ducks, and livestock while working with nature to establish and encourage a mutually beneficial balance that is so critical to health of our communities and our planet.

Members will have the choice of adopting a chicken, duck, goat, or turtle and may also opt in to adopt and raise their own turkey (limitations apply, more details to be announced.)

Members will benefit from learning new ways to use ancient traditions that have been used for thousands of years and will be taught how to apply them to their own lives and community.

Members will be entered into our Quarterly Garden Raffle. You could win a FarmBox full of fresh, garden produce or tickets to a Class or Workshop.

Members will learn how to properly use and enjoy wheatgrass, micro-greens, and fresh, live mushrooms in order to encourage healthy changes in their bodies and fight diseases. These live foods are critically to support and invigorate our immune systems, which are constantly under attack in today’s environment.

Members will be able to attend specialty dinners that will include personal instruction by local and award winning chefs. Participants will learn how the food was grown, will help prepare a special dish and will then enjoy their creations in our beautiful, relaxing garden.

Members are rewarded for sharing and referring others to Rogue Rhino Garden Club. Refer a friend, family member, chef or an instructor and receive a free entry into our next Quarterly Garden Raffle when they sign up as a member.

Members are be able to volunteer as Earth Keepers. Earth Keepers will work with us in the gardens and learn lifelong skills that will change and open hearts, minds and lives.

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